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The NEW RewardBet N+1™ has been designed for you, the punter, and is completely re-engineered.

RewardBet® is an award winning, patented and free Internet based software app that helps every punter bet better on racing (and sports,soon).

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Invented in Australia, RewardBet® provides staking smarts and intelligent tools to guide, support and enhance your betting experience to help you win more from your betting. 

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RewardBet's mission is to provide the best betting experience for punters - quicker and smarter - independant of any influence of bookie or tote. It's for you to win more. Enjoy!

NB: N+1 is still officially "beta" so please report any issues to us to fix via - We will be constantly enhancing - so your features and experience will become better and better!

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The World's Fastest Betting Interface™

Successful betting requires smart thinking, smarter staking and the ability to react quickly.

RewardBet® N+1™ is the fastest way to stake professionally to help you win more - and it is patented so it is unique to RewardBet®.


You can login using your email, mobile or username. (Facebook login coming soon). 

If you have forgotten your password we can send a reset password link to your registered email address.


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RewardBet® is NOT a bookmaker or a totalizator (TAB) but a free software tool that allows you to place bets with your own bookmaker and/or TAB account.

We only partner with operators that can provide the quality service and products to assist you to have the best betting experience.  

Our first preference is the Australia bookmaker Luxbet. They provide all the leading features and bet options (plus promotions) of other bookmakers, but most importantly also allow RewardBet customers, exclusively, to bet to the cent - improving your betting experience.

We will be offering other operators in the near future, but you currently can do no better in the Australian market than by using Luxbet and their exclusive cent pricing system.

Read more about our Approved Betting Partners.


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The first time you use RewardBet® you need to link your betting operator account (ie: Luxbet).

This is a one-time operation which takes a few seconds. It allows the RewardBet® app to safely and securely place your bets.

One of the many advantages of using RewardBet® is that, as we add more operators, you'll be able to place all your bets and keep track of all those bets from the one app. Simply, securely and professionally.

To link your account: Login to RewardBet - Choose Settings - Betting Accounts - Link Betting Account. Fill out your details.Your details are encrypted and saved to allow you to login automatically to your operator whenever you use RewardBet. 


We call RewardBet® an 'app' but the great thing is that it's just an Internet site - so no downloads necessary.

This means that you can access it from any internet connected device - smartfone, tablet, desktop. Making it even easier for every punter.

Save To Home Screen

A great tip is to save our site to your 'homescreen' if you are using a smartfone or tablet - instructions here.

On a desktop PC, just bookmark it like any other site - although our address is easy to remember anyway:


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The RewardBet® N+1™ screen has two sections.

The top is what we call 'Fast Betting N+1'. It is the World's Fastest Betting Interface™

The bottom is for those extra details such as bets preview and display options.

Ninety percent of bets are placed just before the race starts. If you want to just 'get on' use the Top Screen - Fast Betting Interface.

According to your preferences, the next race automatically loads. Then just tap the runners you want to include and hit submit. It's that quick!

But RewardBet® is very clever. Your stake amount is populated according to your preferences and our Bet Intelligence™ will also suggest the Reward Level™ for you based on our Market Gauge™. Of course, you can quickly change any of these options - you are always in control with RewardBet®.

For many of your bets, you'll find the Fast Betting Interface sufficient for your needs - meaning extremely quick betting. But every other option is just a scroll away ...


The Options section allows control over certain displays and Operator betting options. 

Note that we offer for win:

Luxdiv - Best of three Totes and SP

Fixed - The current Fixed price.

Best Of Best (BOB) and Top Fluc - will appear, if available on the race. 

We recommend turning ON "Show Selections Populate Control" as it helps with Bankers/Standouts as we describe here.

Your selected runners and their position for 1st to 3rd are shown so you have total clarity about where you require your selections to finish.

The Bets Preview is important to examine so you know what bets and your total stake (and estimated returns) that will be used by RewardBet.


Your First Bet

The RewardBet® Betting Interface is made for simplicity and just 'getting on'. 

We will explain more below, but your first RewardBet is simple. 

After choosing your race, Step 1 is simply selecting the runners you like. [Note: click on the runner name (green area), not the price].

Step 2 is adjusting your Total Stake amount. Note, this is the total amount you want to outlay on the race.

Step 3 is choosing the Reward Level with the target return that matches your confidence in your selections. You then just confirm and submit your bet. 

That's it! Of course there's more options and features which we will now discuss.


RewardBet® uses a Price Source to create the professional staking of your bets.

To provide choice, there are many options available.

You can normally settle on your favourite option with rare reason to adjust it - keeping things simple.

We recommend Luxbet Fixed - Betfair WAP (if you are betting close to race start on major races) - TAB Fixed - AverageTote/AAP Prepost in that order. 

TIP: As RewardBet needs prices (your own or from a bookie or tote) to calculate your bets, so choosing an appropriate price source is important if you want your bets and Estimated Returns to be as accurate as possible.

If you are betting some time before the race starts, see if there are “Fixed Odds” (eg, Luxbet, TAB or others) prices available in the Price Source when selecting your runners.

If there are no Fixed Odds Prices available, there may be AAP Pre-post prices, which are the 'morning lines' used in the newspaper. These will generally be a good guide to the chances of each runner and may return you a more reliable estimate than using the the current totalizator prices.

Also choosing “Average Tote” in your price source will generally provide a more reliable source of totalizator prices, rather than an individual tote.

RewardBet uses the runner prices to calculate the target estimates. The more accurate or close to the final market these prices are, the more likely your estimates will correspond to your returns.

Note: Your price source doesn't necessarily correspond to the bet type that RewardBet places. The price source is a way for us to determine accurate estimates of your returns. When you submit a RewardBet it is placed according to the options you have set for win and exotics, independant of price source. Eg, Price Source: Luxbet Fixed. Win Option set to Luxdiv. Bet placed at Luxdiv.


Market Gauge

The Market Gauge™ is a representation of the percentage of the 'market' that your betting selections cover (for the win). For example, if you select a runner at $2 then the Market Gauge™ will show 50%. Add another runner priced at $10 and the Market Gauge™ will update to 60%.

As you add more selections (for the win), the Market Gauge™ will increase. You should use the Market Gauge™ as a guide in your betting.

You'll notice a flag and percentage next to the Market Gauge™ which acts like a traffic light: Green, Amber and Red. The higher the Market Gauge™, then the lower your opportunity to profit from the race.

It is possible for the Market Gauge to go past 100% due to the way betting markets function. This is a no-go zone as it makes it impossible to win and the Market Gauge™ will warn you. More power to you!

The Market Gauge™ should be used as an indicator when to stop 'adding selections' - and also as a guide to what Reward Level™ to choose. A low gauge is good for Bronze, Silver and Gold Reward Levels™ whereas a high gauge indicates that taking more risk via Platinum and Diamond Reward Levels™ might be more appropriate.

 If you have a high Market Gauge™ then you should consider removing some selections and/or making one or more selections a banker for 1st in order to reduce your scope and increase your potential returns.


Target Returns

Unless you're doing a simple single win bet, most punters don't have any idea about what they'll get back if they win on a race. 

It is critical to punting success to be in control of your outlays and returns

RewardBet® makes it easy. You provide a single Total Outlay (or stake) amount. 

Then our exclusive and proprietary Price Intelligence™ software will provide a reliable estimate of your returns for the race. Our headline display shows the estimated return range if you hit the winner thru to hitting 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

You can instantly see the estimated returns for 1st, 1st & 2nd, 1st & 2nd & 3rd if you require them - remember that RewardBet® keeps you in control at all times.

Knowing what your returns are likely to be compared to your outlays provides you with the smarts to bet better like a professional to win more. 


The RewardBet® Reward Levels™ are the heart and soul of RewardBet® and are simple to understand.  

Every punter has a level of confidence in their selections. They may be choosing randomly or have studied the form.

Confident punters tend to take more risk for greater returns, whereas less confident punters take a safer approach. This plays out in the bet types chosen whether trifectas and other exotics or win and place bets.

What a Reward Level allows you to do is easily distribute your money (total stake) across bet types (win and exotics) in a simple, single choice that mimics how most punters think but don't have the staking smarts to implement easily themselves.

For example, you've picked three horses you like. You may have chosen them based on the colour of the jockey. For you, this is a 'fun bet' so you're not really very confident. Conversely, a professional punter may have chosen, independently, the same three selections.

Our standard Reward Levels™ are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Bronze puts more money into easier options (such as win bets) whereas Diamond puts more money into harder options (such as exactas and trifectas).

So the 'fun bet' punter may choose Bronze that shows an estimated return of $125 for their $50 bet whereas the professional may choose Diamond which shows $600 for the same outlay across the same selections.

Why the difference in returns? It's simply risk vs return. For the same outlay, the Bronze bet puts more money into Win bets which return less verses the Diamond option that bets more on exotics via Exactas and Trifectas.

So Reward Levels are simply a way for you to distribute your stake across the most appropriate bet types to match your confidence. We provide a complete preview of all your bets and allow you total control, across selections, stake, bet types and our smart staking options - to help you win more.


Custom Levels Settings

RewardBet N+1™ provides total control for every punter.

One way to do this is via our Custom Reward Levels. Very popular! 

Setup Custom Levels in 'Settings'. 

Scroll from right-to-left to view them. 

Do you enjoy Exacta and Trifectas? Setup a Custom Level that allows this. How about traditional (and smart) 'dutch' win betting? Create a 100% Win Custom Reward Level. You can setup many different scenarios easily. 

No matter how you play it, RewardBet® has you covered with Custom Levels - about 30% of our customers use them - so play it your way with RewardBet®.


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RewardBet N+1™allows you to precisely target any number of runners for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any position as well! And do it quickly and easily.

Some peope call these 'bankers' and 'standouts' and it provides you with even more control over your betting to help you target more precise winners.

Below the 'Stake-Submit' area you can enable (via Options) the "Show Selections Populate Control". This allows you to create banker and stand-out bets, the fastest way!

Example. We like #1 and #2 to WIN with #3,#4,#5 to run 2nd/3rd place.

Step 1 - With Position Control on 'Any', select #1 and #2

Step 2 - Change Position Control to '2nd & 3rd' Select #3,#4,#5 runners.

That's it! You have created your stand-out (#1 #2) bet. Note here we have our main runners also for 2nd/3rd (as selected 'any'). If you want them for win ONLY then choosing '1st' allows that. Any combination is possible.

By using the Expanded Selection Picker ™ (shown above), you can easily select any combination of runners for 1st, 2nd or 3rd or even a mix. By default, any selection chosen is bet to hit any placing, but clicking the 1st, 2nd or 3rd icons you can narrow down the bet placement.

The main rule to remember is that your selection must fill the position you nominate (eg 1st, 2nd or 3rd) for it to contribute to your winning bets. If in doubt, peruse the 'bet preview' selections to ensure your selections match your bet expectations before you submit your bets.


Robin Hood Example Bet

'Robin Hood' helps preserve your outlay by redistributing money from high value bets to lower (below minimum stake) value bets.

'Drop' is perfect for targetting those high probability exotics.

'Top-Up' helps you preserve the proportioning staking of RewardBet®.

As RewardBet® expands to support many more operators, we need to cater for new scenarios.

So we've introduced some exciting new staking options:

Drop Feature - this allows you to select a range of your bets to not-stake. For example, you could eliminate all those trifectas for less than 75 cents which may have a lower chance - and spend more on the higher probability combinations.

Robin-Hood - helps preserve your total stake amount by redistributing your stakes from higher bets to lower bets which may be under the operator's minimum bet amount.

Top-Up - is great for when a few of your bets are below the operator minimum. The addition of a few cents to each bet allows you to preserve RewardBet's proportional staking.

Of course, our famous RewardBet® proportional staking is still available as well as the flexi-option. 


Successful punting is about backing your opinion. RewardBet® powers-up this with our 'Edit Prices' option.

Simply click the price of any runner and change the price. If you follow ratings, then you can use that price as an alternative.

When you change prices, all your bets are recalculated, allowing you to profit more when you are 'right' with overlays.

Note that the estimated returns should be used as a simple guide as they can't calculate your overlays in this situation.


Not only is RewardBet® fastest for betting, it is also superior in keeping track of your betting.

MyBets provides easy access for your betting history, including reporting on how much more RewardBet® wins for you via the RewardBet® Advantage.™

If you click on the Bet Receipt, you can see a detailed breakdown of all your ticket details, and your winning dividends.

Additionally, a snapshot of when your bet was placed is recorded, helping you to reconcile your bets - including the prices in your price source - allowing any variances in Estimated Returns to be understood.


There are many new features in our pipeline so stay on our mailing list to ensure you hear about them.

But unlike other operators, we aim to create the best experience for punters, no matter what.

You have the power to easily suggest new features and even upvote others' suggestions. Visit our suggeston forum now!

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RewardBet® is the tool of choice for anyone that's serious about better staking, better control and better returns from their betting. 

"I recommend ALL punters, no matter the size of bets, try RewardBet®. I am positive the professional approach RewardBet® offers is a winner" - Roman K, Racing Guru. 

"I am hooked ... this is something fresh and exciting ... all this AND it is FREE!" - JC (Customer since 2014)

"RewardBet® is the most professional way to play ... It's a great product - I have used it." - Nathan Snow, Professional Punter. @snowbet

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One More Thing ...

It doesn't end there! 

RewardBet® Sports is coming soon!

Described as the best thing ever to come to Sports Multi betting, RewardBet® Sports will revolutionise your Sports Betting.

It will supercharge your excitement and your Sports Betting experience - only with RewardBet®. 

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