Win Without Form

The Intelligence to Win More on Australian Racing

"Mr Pretium" spent 15 years watching and winning on Australian Racing without ever reading a form guide. And he consistently found great value winners ...

"Every punter needs to know this stuff ..."

"This is pure gold for punters ..."

"If you punt then this is a no-brainer. Just get it."

This course explains how he did it - and how you can too. 

WWF Four Days

You Will Find More Winners:

How to spot the inside information to find winners

Which bookmakers provide you inside signals

The tricks and traps of betting which you consistently make

The timings of the marketplace and when to act and not to act

Plus enough inside information to change your punting life. 


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 'Win Without Form'

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This course includes an e-book, "Win Without Form" 

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which show you real examples of using these methods.

'Win Without Form' Includes:

Introduction to Mr Pretium’s methods

How to set yourself up to attack the bookies

The clues the bookies provide and how to benefit

How to think differently to win more

Betfair - the good, the bad and the ugly

Plus much, much more ... including updated

2019 Tips, Techniques and Tactics.

Win Without Form

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

Tip and Techniques that you will refer to forever and are the result of years of watching Australian Racing Markets.

NOTE: This is NOT a tipping service. We will teach you to be independant and find the value winners yourself - a skill that you'll use for your punting life. 

No matter how you do the form, professionals still take into account "market signals" to make up 30-40% of their thinking. If you can't read these signals then you have little chance of coming out a winner in the long term.

If you are NOT heeding this advice you are behind the professionals and the stable insiders and bookies. 

WARNING: You need to be sensible - to stay under the radar of the bookies so that you don't get limited. Heed our advice in the book on this. 

Can you provide some examples?

Without giving away our methods, here are some recent examples of the power of this method in the last few days.  

WWF Example

Sun April 7th, I went to watch my AFL team (The Western Bulldogs) at Docklands. I went by myself but also had my laptop in my bag. I expected the Doggies to win easily and had an in-play multi which was looking very grim by half-time.

You can see the bets I placed on Sunday. The multi (on the train whilst travelling to the game which started at 2:20pm) was the first, followed by two Win Without Form method bets as described below.

WWW Example 1

SUNDAY FIRST BET: During the half-time break I got out the laptop and noticed a race was about to start. It took me less than 20 seconds to apply the strategy and place the bet. It came third at the nice odds of $20, although I only went win, for a measured stake of $11.

WWF Example

SUNDAY SECOND BET: With the Doggies needing a miracle, I thought it was a chance to pay for my day by finding a winner. This is the race that was upcoming and it had some characteristics which are positive (and will be outlined in the Win Without Form method). 

I settled on Kansas city at the good price of $8. It won over the top of the leader in a photo.

SUNDAY'S OUTLAY: $61. Return $400. Profit. $339 (555% POT).

WWF Sat Tips

SATURDAY BETTING: I was invited to attend the Committee Room at Caulfield races for lunch. It had been an incredibly hectic period so I hadn't even looked at the fields for Saturday's Caulfield meeting!

The person I attended with arrived around 11am at my place and we walked the 200m to the track :-)

I said I'd bring my laptop with me as I hadn't looked at the form and I'm sure some of the people at our table will want some tips.

I pre-bet the Caulfield Race 2 as it was tipped by our SSSS service. 

By the time we had our pre-lunch champers, we were only seated for Race 3. That was my first Winning Without Form (WWF) bet and one of two equal favourites. The WWF method clearly pointed to Think Bleue and it won well with the co-favourite unplaced.

Race 5 we had Tell Me that ran 3rd and the stake was returned as a BONUS BET under an offer.

Race 6 I decided to take a quaddie. I potted the favourite using the WWF method and thought I had some value, but 2nd/3rd for the first leg didn't keep me alive. The favourite was unplaced!

So along comes Race 7, I took Mastering (one of four I liked in the second quaddie leg). Pulled the wrong-rein and #8 won at $7 with the favourite unplaced, so close.

Race 8 came around and things had changed somewhat since I took the quaddie (which included some tips from the table!), so looked at the race again purely using the WWF method and settled on #13, Naantali.

By this time the table knew that I used a method to read what was happening and they referred to me as Rainman! LOL. Since they were all out of the quaddie, with both first leg favourites being beaten, they were desperate for a winner (and more drinks!).

So I told all and sundry there that #13 "was the one" and there was lots of cheering and high-fives when it duly saluted at the great price of $8.

After that, I spent the last race chatting to some new found friends ... 

SATURDAY'S OUTLAY (using WWF method): $200. Return $560. Profit $360 (180% POT)

On Wednesday, we were creating LIVE TRAINING VIDEOS and within about an hour we WON 19.6 units, see below.

WWF Wed Results
WWF Demo 2
WWF Demo 3

On Thursday, we had a 30 minute session (I was looking after kids on School Holidays most of the day) and that returned a quick profit of over 13 units, as you can see below.

WWW Results Thurs

What Is This Information Worth?

Simply put, this information is priceless.

But, we only want people who are serious about improving their punting to be involved with this information. It is not a tipping service, it is educating you to find value winners yourself.

We could sell many copies at $25 but many wouldn't even bother reading the book or implement the methods.

So rather that selling to 'tyre-kickers' we only want serious punters, who realise they don't know everything and can always learn, to be involved.

If that is you, welcome. You understand how this type of information can change your punting.

If you don't understand how much this can improve your bottom line over a lifetime of punting then you can continue losing as you probably are happy just never changing and learning.

I originally put a price of $995 on this but was persuaded by a friend to make it more affordable to help more punters. You need to understand that just a single extra bet or a few losers saved will pay for the cost of this information and you have access to it for life!

There's a saying that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. 

Mr Pretium started watching these patterns around 2007 which is over a decade of thinking and watching and acting and well over 10,000 hours! He estimates he's spent about $300,000 experimenting with different techniques and if he was being paid the minimum wage of $20 per hour, that would be another $200,000 of wages forgone.

When combined with the 30 years of industry experience of the author, it's a combination that is hard to beat.

This information will not only direct you to more winning bets, but it will also help you avoid losing bets. 

Most punters will see a return on this information in a week, and you have it for life!

Experience takes time and many mistakes. This will put you on a better punting path.

Who is "Mr Pretium"

Now retired, Mr Pretium was unknown to most and just kept to himself as professionals do. 

However, a chance meeting with the CEO of RewardBet who had experience over 30 years at Tab and Betfair got them talking. It turns out two heads are better than one. 

Mr Pretium supplied information that was incredibly profitable on some major carnivals to RewardBet customers and he was highly regarded amongst those who followed his advice. 

Now that Mr Pretium has retired, the author wants to share this infomation with others that want to learn and win more.

Mr Pretium's methods are based on observing Australian Racing for many, many years - trying to find a short-cut to value and profits.

He developed intimate knowledge of the inside workings of the industry, the behaviours of punters and how bets were hidden from the public and which bookies were the targets.

Is it just following market-movers?

Absolutely not. In fact if you follow market movers you'll end up being on the wrong end of value and lose.

Other people ask: "Will I come up with the same bets". The answer to that is: There’s no reason why you wouldn’t come up with the same bets … but it is a technique rather than a system of hard and fast rules.  

It can be applied across any racing meeting (and even harness and greyhounds) but I don’t touch the latter as I don’t know enough about them.  

A good analogy is Masterchef. Some of those contestants come up with different results even following the same recipe. So the difference is in the skill they have to apply the techniques.  

That’s what I’m teaching you. The skills to apply the methods yourself.

If it is so good, why would you sell it?

Unlike tipping services, these methods are not about just backing a single horse which can make the market move. 

This is intelligence, not tipping. 

It is about identifying the best value selections in the market, based on all the Mr Pretium factors.

It is understanding the psychology of punters. Knowing why, where and how they are acting.

It is also trying to find instances where value currently exists allowing you to lock-in profits no matter what.

Plus, with hundreds of races a day - there's plenty of scope to apply these methods - not just across Gallops, but also with Harness and Greyhound racing if that is your skillset.

Finally, RewardBet's CEO has a history of helping punters - he's spent almost a decade creating FREE RewardBet to help punters and was instrumental in many of the things that Australian punters now take for granted with his history at Tabcorp and Betfair.

What do I receive?

If you take up the pre-launch offer then you receive the Win Without Form e-book delivered to you in April 2019.


Additionally you'll receive a BONUS OFFER where you can also WIN the Mr Pretium VIDEO Masterclass series.

These VIDEOS will be delivered every two weeks from May, 2019.

PLUS you have the opportunity of JOINING the Mr Pretium Group where you can receive and share daily tips and tuition on his methods.

AND if you already have a good knowledge of Racing, then these methods will provide you with EXTRA CONFIDENCE before you bet. 

Remember that every loser you don't back is equivalent to an even-money winner.

Is the e-book enough for me to apply his methods?

What you'll learn from the e-book will provide you with information that will change your punting thinking and put you on a path to better betting. 

You will instantly start to see new opportunities when betting. 

You can take that information and evolve it to suit your own ways of betting or you can fast-track your learning with the optional MASTERCLASS VIDEOS. 

It is up to you. But, there's no doubt that you'll reap the rewards from starting to think differently from this information which will pay for itself straight away. 

What more do I need to know?

Even if you are just a casual punter, you'll discover information that will justify the small cost of this e-book many, many times over.

If you want to take it to the next level, then you can take up the VIDEO MASTERCLASS option


This opportunity is strictly limited and expires soon. 

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"If you punt then this is a no-brainer. Just get it!"

You save $110 off the Launch Price!

Delivery in April, 2019